Phase Four will accelerate infrastructure expansion in space through the development of high performance plasma propulsion systems manufactured at scale, and the development of advanced propellants.

P4 Pass is a long term pricing agreement that upgrades alongside the Maxwell product line. It provides customers with access to the highest performing Maxwell engine, on a fixed production schedule and pay-as-you-go price over a 2 or 3 year period.

P4 Pass pricing through March 2022*

 2 Year P4 Pass3 Year P4 Pass
Total purchasable engines3040
Minimum purchase quantity**912
Fixed per unit price$275,000$225,000
Minimum order quantity***22
Payment structure50% ARO, 50% delivery50% ARO, 50% delivery
Best lead time3-4 months3-4 months

*Availability based on unclaimed production capacity offered on a first come/first served basis.

**Number of engines that must be purchased during a P4 Pass contract.

***Minimum quantity of purchase at a time.

3 Year P4 Pass Example

  • Total purchasable quantity : 40
  • Minimum purchase quantity: 12
  • Fixed price per unit: $225,000
  • At least 4 month lead time notice required, based on fixed production schedule
  • Payment 50% ARO, 50% on delivery

Customer notifies Phase Four order of 4 Maxwell Block 2 engines

  • Initial payment at PO = $450,000
  • Payment on delivery of all 4 engines = $450,000
  • Customer has 36 total engines available to purchase
  • Customer must purchase at least 9 additional engines to be eligible for P4 Pass pricing.
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